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 Welcome to the domain of Emendo12, 

Date established: November 12, 2011. Hopefully much more content to come! 

Join Me And Be Awesome

You, my friends, are welcome to join the website. If you're in my clan or watch my Youtube videos and Twitch livestreams you're even more welcome to join!

If you do join, if you don't mind, use the forums to suggest things for the site to make it better, thanks. (Also help me decide what to do with the forums besides suggestions.) 

I Am . . .

My IGN's are- 


Playstation Network: MacFobi/Emendo12

On YouTube I am emendo12!

Clan: I am the founder of the RTG clan! Join our forces and rise to glory!
Date established: 10-21-2012

Emendo12 on YouTube!
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